It may seem strange that a photographer would HATE to have their picture made, but I do.  I REALLY do.   But, as a wife, mother daughter, sister and friend, I understand the need to document that I was here – regardless of my insecurities.    That along with the need to have professional head shots for my “social profile” compelled me to have my good friend Maria Moore of Maria Moore Photography take some shots of me.   I even went so far as to have Nancy Finnegan, MUA, come and do my makeup (this is a first for me).   If you know me, I’m a minimalist, very casual and most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt!

Maria insisted I go a stop up from my casual approach and actually get something “lacy.”   The scarf was my compromise.  I really do like the scarf and will wear it OFTEN.   I was lucky to find it at Epiphany Boutique in the Off-Campus Bookstore (LOVE their style – for my girls!).

I will admit that within 5 minutes of Maria shooting, I was sure we had a shot and I was ready to quit, but I stuck with it and let her do her thing.   I’ve received a lot of compliments on the images, so I guess she did her job well (I’m still that person that sees my own flaws).    I’m glad she took them, I think she and Nancy made me look great.   I’m thankful to have such amazing friends who are so very talented.   I’m also thankful that it’s over.  I still can’t say I like having my picture made, but the images are there for those I care for to remember who I am (or at least what I look like – on a good day) at this stage of my life.

IMG_7893 IMG_7895 IMG_7913