We are in the midst of wedding season here in Alabama, and I am excited to be the photographer for several weddings over the next two months. I love getting to know the couple and their families and begin such an integral part of their special day. I’m tend to feel like part of the family by the end of the day. I am honored that so many of my brides have kept in touch via Facebook and email and several are bringing their newborns to me for portraits as well.

I love sharing my wedding and senior portrait images on Facebook and my website. Sometimes, when I have a great bridal session, it is hard to keep those images private until after the wedding day. (Can’t let the groom see the bride, after all.) That’s where I stand today, holding back Amie’s images until her wedding (it’s tomorrow)!

Keeping each wedding photography event fresh is something I’m really working hard to do. I know that so many couples see images and want one “just like it” for themselves. That’s not an issue, but I want to make each wedding and it’s images unique to the couple so their own personalities are evident in their images. That involves spending a lot of time looking at bridal magazines, websites (such as www.alabamabridal.com ) or images other photographers post on Facebook – analyzing each one to see what they have done to create an amazing image, then putting that into practice in my own work. I’d love for you to take a minute and check out my portfolio and see what you think. You can view my wedding photography portfolio here.  Leave comments, let me know what you think.

I’ve worked hard over the last five years to build my skill base to add off camera lighting and posing techniques to my “arsenal” of abilities. I am so excited to have passed the qualifications to become a Certified Professional Photographer, one of less than 20 in the state of Alabama. I hope to work on merits this year and enter print competitions in an effort to become a Master Photographer. How cool would THAT be? You can view a list of photographers in your state who have met the criteria to become certified at www.certifiedphotographer.com Check out the list of those photographers in Alabama who have achieved this goal.

I’m looking forward to sharing images from each of these weddings with you guys and building my photography skills in the process. Huntsville weddings ROCK, but I’m excited about the upcoming weddings I’ll be shooting in Decatur, Auburn, and Madison, as well.

As always, thanks for stopping by!   And, if you can – suggest me to your friends for their upcoming Alabama or surrounding area Wedding Photography!

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