We are in Alabama, so naturally an outdoor wedding in late June is going to be H-O-T!   Laura and Matt’s wedding day was no exception.   Laura’s grandfather was performing the ceremony.   I knew it wasn’t going to be quick when he pulled out four pages of note and his iPad.  But, hey, a longer ceremony gives me more time to capture images, right?

The venue was the Rustic Youth Camp just outside of Russellville, AL.   This is a camp that is dear to my heart.   My girls have been campers each summer for the last ten years (and I’ve gone with them as a counselor).     Did you catch the camp name?  Rustic?     But it didn’t look so rustic once the Bragwell family had put their wedding touches on it.   I was amazed that they ampitheater and dining hall could look so nice!   Laura is blessed to have friends and family who were so willing to work so hard to make her wedding day so beautiful.    I was honored to be allowed to capture the moments of her beautiful wedding.   After all, wedding photography is my thing!