What should I wear?   This is the most common question I’m asked for both senior portrait sessions and family sessions.   My answer is simple:   solid color clothing photographs best (because it doesn’t draw attention from the subject).  Clothing should be chosen to compliment you rather than compete with you for attention.  So, solid colors, long sleeves and nice textures are the best choices.   Soft fabrics for long sleeved garments is also a plus (so there isn’t a lot of wrinkling in the bends of the arm).  Of course, you can bring a trendy outfit for some images, but that shouldn’t be your first and only option.

Avoid clothing that is too tight.  Tight clothing accentuates every bump and bulge (trust me, I know this from personal experience).  Even very thin people may appear to have excess weight if their clothing is too tight.

Clothing should be clean and wrinkle-free.    Bring outfits on hangers.

Bring extra outfits, it certainly doesn’t hurt to bring too much!

senior portraitssenior portraits


Make sure you have the correct undergarments for each outfit you bring.   Look for evidence of straps or colors showing through the garments.

I love accessories!   Bring any hats, sunglasses, jewelry or other props that you love (instruments you play, sports gear, etc.)

Wax or shave legs and armpits two or three days before you shoot, not the day of the session (avoids red bumps from shaving showing up in images).   The same goes for tweezing/waxing your brows.

Don’t tan for two days prior to session.

Manicures and pedicures with neutral colors will keep your images from having a dated look in years to come.

Make-up is KEY important for your session.   A bit more makeup than you may normally wear looks best on camera.   I HIGHLY recommend hiring a professional make-up artist for your senior portrait session.    I work with two amazing MUAs:   Nancy  Finnegan and Colleen Gagnon.   Either would do an amazing job so you look your very best in these milestone images.

Finally, get a good night’s sleep.  You don’t want tired eyes in your images.

senior portraitssenior portraits 


A fresh shave is a must.   Shave an hour before your session.   Mid to late day whiskers cannot be retouched.

If you are getting your haircut before the session, schedule it a week before your session.

Make sure nails are trimmed and clean.

Bring appropriate shoes for your outfits.

As with the girls, don’t tan for a few days before your session and get enough sleep the night before.

Also, please bring with you any thing special (instruments, sports gear, etc.) that you’d like included in your story.   Remember, the images are telling YOUR story!