Senior portrait photography is an ever changing market.   What’s in today is out tomorrow.  Staying on top of the trends is a must, if you want the seniors to keep coming back year after year.   By keeping on top of things, I can find ways to incorporate new styles into my senior portrait sessions.    It’s fun, it’s unique and it’s personalized to my clients.

I have watched several webinars by Australian glamour photographer Sue Bryce.   I love her simple glamour poses and the style of her images.   I really wanted to incorporate that into my senior sessions.    During the holidays I “forced” my daughter to get ready for a session and shot what I had in mind for my senior girls this year.    This will just be one option for my seniors in the coming year.  I want my seniors to show what who they are in their senior images; whether it be glamorous, edgy, soft, or athletic.   So, I want to continue to add more and more diversity to my session options.

Make up and hair will be a huge part of the glamour sessions.   If you choose the glamour option, I highly recommend adding the make up and hair options to your package so that you get the best look possible for these images.   I have several contacts that I work with who can provide both for  your session.  MUAs Nancy Finnegan and Colleen Cagnon and hair stylist Hilary Canfield are amazing and are willing to work with me on scheduling for sessions.   Of course, we must book in advance in order to make the magic happen.

I hope this added option will excite my seniors and encourage them to choose this as one of their options for their senior portrait session.    After all, don’t we all like to get “dolled up” once in a while?

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