Unfortunately, I’ve been battling the seasonal head and chest cold for a couple of weeks, so I’ve had to postpone a session with the twins twice.    Fortunately, Lara was available on short notice and I was able to get in my playtime this morning.

It’s harder than you may think to get and keep two babies to sleep or happily awake.   They were both fed and one would sleep and the other would fuss.   Between Lara and I we were able to pacify the babies and get some really cute pics.    I was especially happy to play with new hats and use my newly purchased baby bed.

I’m still amazed how much these babies love to cuddle.   Putting them as close as possible seems to be the best way to keep them both happy.   So sweet!

This is my new baby bed find.   Isn’t it the cutest!

Cute new hat finds

And each baby with their beautiful mother Lara.