You gotta love kids, right?   They are so loving, so cute, so sweet, so innocent (so stubborn, so messy, so moody, – wait, did I type that outloud??? just kidding, I’m sure)

I met the Chancellor family at a mutual friend’s house recently to do their portraits while they were all in town for our gospel meeting.   Derek was all smiles all week, having his family all under one roof was such a blessing, and he was enjoying it.

The session started off a bit “rocky” you might say, at least if you are into the traditional “smile” portraits, it did.   Fortunately for me, I’m ALL ABOUT the personality.    So, I captured just that as Abby entertained me with her version of a “princess smile.”    Here are a few of my favorites of Abby, then some of the more traditional shots I did capture (for those who like that sort of thing).   You can see their entire client proof gallery here.