Last year I did bride and groom images for Misty and Chris and met their 1 year old son at the time.   What a sweetie.   He was so patient as we dragged him all over the Huntsville Botanical Gardens.   I was thrilled when they decided to make the hour long drive back to Huntsville for me to shoot his 2 year session.  This session was a challenge because little Brady suffers from severe hearing loss.   It was a challenge to try and control the positioning and the lighting when the little fella couldn’t hear a thing I said.   He was thrilled by all the kids at the park and just wanted to follow them around, so I followed him and shot when I could.

Brady is in the process of getting ready for cochlear implants.  It’s a very long process (one ear at a time, etc.) and very costly – especially since their insurance has rejected the claim for the surgery.  They are having a benefit golf tournament this weekend, and I’m sure more will be planned as the community works to help this sweet family.

I wanted to share with you a few of the images I was able to get during the session.   Please, check out his client proof gallery under Portraits and Children.

Huntsville Family Photography

Huntsville family photographer

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