I’ve been helping my brother out by picking up his kids from school each day.

Today was a treat for Harrison because I had a family portrait session for a firefighter’s

family.   The first series of images we took were to be with the fire truck, so Harrison got

to ride in the truck to the location.  Chloe was going to ride back to the fire station, but

Laine was called out to a fire just as we were about to leave.   Maybe she’ll get a ride another day.

We went to a nearby park area and found some areas that would work for what they were wanting.

Now keep in mind that Ethan is 3 years old, and therefore, has developed opinions and ideas of

his own!   He HAD to say “Cheese!” for every picture, but not necessarily while smiling or looking

in the direction of the camera.  I resorted to putting my lenscap on my head and letting him tell

me when it was about to fall.   Worked like a dream!

Of course, having other children there made him want to play with them the entire time!     I love

that kid!   He is such a cutie.    I was actually laughing out loud at his facial expressions while

going through the images.   I’m sharing a few here and invite you to visit my website to see all their