FINALLY, I was able to get to Lara’s and photograph Logan and Taylor.   I was so excited for my first newborn twin session.   I’d been collecting cute little hats and props just for this occasion.    Of course, getting one baby to sleep through a session is one thing.   Two is a whole other story!   Taylor was willing to help me out and sleep through most of my visit.   Logan, on the other hand, had to have a little help.   He had a bottle, but was still wide awake.   Then the funniest thing happened.   I put him in the cocoon with Taylor and it was like a magic pill hit him.   They cuddled up together and slept for the rest of the images (until we pulled them out).   We were able to move them around, put hats off and on, etc. without either of them waking.   I highly recommended that she wrap them together in a blanket to sleep each night!      Their entire series of images can be seen in their proof folder.