Sometimes I’m asked to leave Huntsville and travel to shoot a wedding.   I’m all about that!   I love seeing new places and trying to find great places to make portraits.  This was my second time to shoot at the Guntersville lodge in Guntersville, AL.   The biggest difference is that this one was post April 27, which we are all aware was the day Alabama was devastated by tornadoes.   Guntersville suffered a lot of storm damage, as did the area around the lodge.   Two of the beautiful tress that were just off the terrace were blown down and the campground is leveled.   The entire state is in sad shape.   But, despite the damage outside, Amie and Evans had a beautiful wedding on the terrace overlooking the lake.

Amie and Evans met their junior year in high school and have been together through college.   It was a seven year relationship that led them to this day.  It’s so cool to see a slideshow of a couple who have been together so long.   It is like watching them grow up together.    I was so excited to be chosen to capture their special day.

I’m working on images and you can view what I have up in their client proof gallery here.

For now, I’m sharing a few images that captured their joy and love on their special day.


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