If you dropped by last week, you’ll know we’re on the fast-track to some of my favorite familiar faces. This year I’m working with a group of amazing senior models who make every day an adventure. Since you deserve to know and treasure them as much as I do, this post is all about a wonderful young lady, videographer Jordyn Lee.

Ambitious and creative, Jordyn Lee plans to explore video production in college and turn her passion into a career. “Video production is important to me because there are always people in an event or concert who have to sit in the back. Video Production allows those people to still enjoy the show or event.” Some of her biggest goals beyond graduating are to build relationships and bring people together. While this lets her show off her stunning creative side, her compassionate heart is what really comes through. Art is a vessel for many things: love, hope, dreams, memories. Jordyn uses video production to capture all of this, and to connect with her clients and audience.

senior girl outdoors, senior pictures

Always thinking of others, she is empathetic in everything she does. It’s no surprise that her perfect day is a spontaneous one with family and friends, or that she’s learned the importance of close relationships this year. “Communication is important,” She says, “Many times people end up on different pages at the end of a conversation if needs are not communicated well.” Her knack for understanding and uniting others is one of my favorite things about her, and will take her far in her creative goals.

Looking back she would tell herself, “It is important to take time to talk to and get to know people from all areas and walks of life.  Don’t be so focused on yourself because there are always so many great people around you.” I think that’s wonderful advice for all of us. A large part of serving others is understanding them. Jordyn Lee’s passion for learning new things, meeting new people, and finding fun along the way makes her a blessing to everyone who knows her.

In the spirit of Jordyn Lee:

Talk to someone new.

Listen more.

Play “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett on repeat.

And, as always, have a wonderful week!