How would you describe your style of photography?

Eclectic, so many forms of imagery“speak to me.” I love the fun captures,

the emotional moments, and the fashion/glamor images. If it involves people, I

love it. I think nature photography is beautiful. It allows me to see sights that I

may never see otherwise. God’s creation is the ultimate image maker! But, I want

to photograph people; probably because my own family images are so special to me.

Check out my portfolio, I’m working on diversity in my photography



Why photography?

I’ve always been interested in photography, but was a bit intimidated by the

learning process. I’ve taken pictures to document the lives of my girls and

scrapbooked them all. Once my girls were old enough to allow me the time,

I purchased a DSLR and began the study process. I say began because it is

an ongoing process. There is SO MUCH to learn.


Do you have a studio?

Primarily I work on location, but I do have a studio space in my garage that I

use mainly for newborns and seniors. Most families want outdoor, location

images, so that’s what I want to capture.


Facts about you:

I’m a very goofy person. Very outspoken. I strive to always tell the truth.

(So much so that I tell my husband that if he doesn’t want the answer, don’t ask

the question.) I love people!  Please, take a minute to like my Facebook page.


Favorite indulgence:

Chocolate, lately it’s the new chocolate bread pudding at Rosie’s Cantina. WOW, that

stuff is awesome!


Favorite Places to Shop:

I love Ross, TJ Maxx, and thrift stores.


Favorite vacation spot:

I love the beach in the winter. I’m also dying to go to Montana. But I fear that

once I get there, I won’t want to return home!


Favorite blogs:

I frequently read , , and

I’m huge into Facebook and usually follow links to any post that sounds interesting.


Favorite thing about being a photographer:

Meeting people and challenging myself to create new and unique images for

each client.


Describe your perfect day:

My house is clean, it is raining and thunder can be heard, I’m curled up on the

soft with a good book and a mug of coffee is nearby (and maybe a Hershey bar 🙂 )  More 



info can be found here.