For the past several weeks we’ve been catching up with amazing senior models who help make my job worthwhile. Today I’d like you to meet a dedicated student with unmatched drive, Andrew.

Finding the balance between ambition and action, Andrew plans to study Business at the University of Alabama and pursue his MBA in Tuscaloosa. He finds inspiration in Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones, and, like them, plans to be a successful entrepreneur one day.

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When he’s not hitting the books, he enjoys outdoor activities like soccer, camping, and kayaking. His ideal way to decompress after a long day is to hang out with friends or listen to music. Though it’s been challenging, juggling work, school, and a social life has imparted important lessons. Looking back he would tell himself to work hard without taking shortcuts. Facing the future, he says, “Procrastination is a bad habit. This is especially true when you’re in school and have a job.” When things get a little hectic, he adds, “Life is a marathon, not a race. Keep churning through the ups and downs.”

Andrew’s drive to keep moving and take each day humbly, in stride, inspires me daily. He has a bright future ahead and the ambition to see it through. In five years he plans to finish undergrad and work on his MBA, applying for internships to help him settle into his career. During that time, as we all do, Andrew would remind himself, “Whatever it is you’re doing in life, don’t take for granted the good people who are with you on the journey.”

In the spirit of Andrew:

Challenge yourself each day.

Keep your loved ones close.

Turn up Guns N’ Roses when you hear them on the radio.

And, as always, have a fantastic week!